UX is becoming a regularly heard but poorly understood profession. This is even more so the case within the healthcare sector which has been slow to adopt UX practices and philosophies.

Aimed at absolute beginners, during this crash course session, Dr Gyles Morrison will cover the big what, why, and how questions relating to UX. He will also explore the role clinicians and multidisciplinary teams can use design thinking to improve digital health and healthcare services.

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Thursday JANUARY 26TH


6:30PM TO 8:30PM



Some of the questions we will answer:

  • What is UX?
  • What is Design Thinking?
  • Why do we need more healthcare UX specialists?
  • Where do UX Designers work?
  • How do UX Designers improve healthcare?
  • What does a UX professional do?
  • What tools and resources do UX professionals use?


About the speaker

Dr Gyles Morrison MBBS

Dr Gyles Morrison MBBS, after three years of medical practice, is now a Clinical UX Specialist. For the past 2 years he has been working to improve the usability, accessibility and pleasure of interacting with digital health and healthcare services. He is also the Founder of the CUXA.

Misha PatelMisha Patel is the London CUXA Community Manager and User Experience Researcher and Designer at Amaze; her aim is to understand how people interact with their world and design meaningful solutions for real life problems. She is passionate about innovations in digital health such as designing for health behaviour change. She has a MSc in Human Computer Interaction and Ergonomics, and a background in Psychology, with some experience working in the mental health sector.

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