Join the CUXA

We are a not-for-profit and rely on the efforts of volunteers.

We are always looking for new people to volunteer with our international, multicultural team. Our core team is based in London, but we have a rapidly growing presence across the globe.

No previous experience in UX, healthcare or development is necessary. What matters most is that you are passionate about improving the healthcare user experience the world over.

What will you be doing?

There are a large variety of tasks that the team has to complete, these include but are not limited to:

  • Writing articles: we need articles on a all kinds of topics such as case studies, news reports, interviews and opinion pieces.
  • Social Media: messages need to be created and sent out on a different social media accounts.
  • Event planning: venues need to be booked, speakers curated, guests welcomed on arrival and so much more
  • Sponsorships and partnerships: as a not-for-profit, we require support financially and in kind from individuals and other organisations
What will you get in return?
  • Learning opportunities: learn more about the complexity of healthcare UX and its impact on clinical care

  • Work Experience: gain insight on marketing techniques, event planning, editing  and stakeholder management

  • Expanded network: connect with team members, our partner organisations and more from around the world

  • Reference: get a great endorsement for future jobs, which may even be with one of our partner organisations
How will you be supported?

You will be provided with the following so you can complete your tasks:

  • Induction: All team members go through a process of onboard to fully understand the aims, objectives and values of the CUXA

  • Organisation resources: a CUXA email address, a profile on a CUXA website and access to all branding assets


  • Supervision: Dr Gyles Morrison, CUXA Founder, will personally supervise your work and ensure you have all you need to contribute effectively with the team.


  • Appraisal: The team will work with you to set SMART objectives and ensure you achieve them.

If you would be interested in joining our team, please fill in the form below, outlining what you would like to do with us.