Member Groups


CUX Course Students

  • Private Group
  • This group is only for CUX Course students.

Weekly Challenges

  • Public Group
  • Find out what the weekly challenges are and post your related questions or answers here.

Latest Trends

  • Public Group
  • Find out, share or comment on the latest trends and new research on areas relevant to Clinical UX.

Career Advice

  • Public Group
  • Discuss CV, Portfolio, Branding or Job application related questions, comments and ideas with each other.


  • Public Group
  • This group isn’t just for designers, but it is about designer based topics. Learn about research and design skills, visual design, communication and story telling relevant to becoming a Clinical UX designer.


  • Public Group
  • This group isn’t just for clinicians, but it is about clinical based topics. Learn about medical terminology, medical technology and health priorities relevant to becoming a Clinical Ux designer.

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