There is growing concern over the impact AI in healthcare, such as clinicians losing their jobs and being replaced by computers completely. Is this possible? Can it be prevented? Is it completely undesirable?

Join us for our first CUXA Johannesburg event involving a talk led by CUXA Founder and Clinical UX Specialist Dr Gyles Morrison MBBS and interactive discussion on the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare delivery. This includes decision support and triaging patients in a clinical environment as well as analysing large amounts of data to support strategic planning of population health services. A few scenarios will be reviewed and the impact on service delivery assessed.

We will be joined by Dr. Ellenore Meyer MBChB who will discuss her work on the National Health Insurance project for South Africa.




Wednesday August 30th

6:00PM TO 8:30PM

Basement 28
1928 Basement, Paul Kruger Street, Pretoria, Johannesburg

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